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Admissionsandyou.com is aimed at simplifying the task of admissions in global educational institutes. We selected this name because this website is all about aiding you in obtaining admissions in the desired schools, colleges, universities or professional courses via online facility. So it is ‘Admissions and You’ – a platform that can be used by the parents or students (above 18 years of age) to apply for admission in the nursery schools, senior secondary schools, engineering colleges, medical colleges, MBA colleges and international universities among others.

Since there is no limitations for the users, applicants from anywhere in the world can create a profile with us and apply to as many schools or colleges as they want. The easy procedure saves you from filling a new application form every time you apply for admissions. Once created, the profile can be used for applying to all the desired educational institutes in accordance with your location and other preferences.


Admissionsandyou.com is a comprehensive online admissions website for the global users. Parents or students from anywhere in the world can register with us and apply to the educational institutes in eight major countries - Australia, Canada, Hong Kong SAR, India, New Zealand, Singapore, United Kingdom and United States. So if you reside in any of these areas or not, you can always use the services of Admissions And You to connect with the best educational destinations. Whether you are looking for school admissions, college admissions or university admissions in any of the above listed nations, this Site gives you a direct access to an efficient medium that lets you apply online, without filling numerous admission forms. Our aim is to completely simplify things for our users.

Register with us to obtain the desired school/college or university application form and get closer to your dreams. Since AdmissionsAndYou.com has a wide directory that includes play schools, international universities, medical colleges and professional training institutes to name a few, you don’t need to go anywhere else.

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